Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wonky rag rug

I'm working on a T-shirt quilt and after cutting the images/logos off, I have lots of fabric left.  Sure, I was saving it for rags and other potential projects, but honestly, I have waaaaaaaay too much fabric right now.  IE, I wasn't thrilled about having to save boring T-shirt fabric and how many rags do I really need?  And then I discovered rag rugs.  Easy Peasy, right?  Hardly.  I cut the fabric into strips too wide so my "yarn" was a bit wonky to start.  I like the idea of crocheting the rug versus braiding, because I just couldn't see sewing the braids together.  But first I needed a giant crochet hook, so off to the thrift stores I went.  Oddly enough, the three thrift stores I visited had multitudes of knitting needles by absolutely no crochet hooks.  Perhaps I should clarify.  Goodwill and the local humane society thrift store had plenty of knitting needles.  Value Village had neither needles or hooks. Very Odd.  So I broke down and went to Micheals, armed with a coupon of course.  Success.

Success with the purchase, not with the crocheting.  I'm not an avid crocheter (or knitter for that matter) and I certainly haven't crocheted in the round much.  I was having issues grasping the concept of the "magic circle" so I reverted to just the non-magic-circle way of starting.  That looked like crap but I continued on.  Once I got on a roll, the crochet looked better, but still looked dastardly and I decided I just couldn't live with it.  I took it apart.  Not an easy feat with wonky t-shirt yarn.  I reverted to the braiding method and braided a very long rope.  That was easy!  But then came time to sew it together into a rug form.  Ugh.  It didn't fit under my sewing machine so I attempted it by hand.  I quickly lost patience for that.  Into the trash it went.  Yes, I tossed it, consoling myself with the thought that as a rag, it would have ended up there anyway (I hate to throw anything away).

Pinterest suggested a hula hoop rug that looked much more doable and I thought I had a hula hoop......but no such luck.  Did I really want to buy a hula hoop for the project?  Of course not.  And I wasn't going to pound nails into a picture frame to make a loom.  Thankfully, the nails weren't necessary.  Following this tutorial, I just attached the warp/vertical yarn to the loom (she used string, but I used my t-shirt yarn, mistakenly using an ugly color, but anyway....)and went from there.  It went fairly well, and I'm glad to have found a use for that leftover fabric, I'm just not entirely certain that I'd do it again. 

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