Monday, October 28, 2013

Sewing Case

There is so much wrong with this "quick and easy sewing case" that I attempted that I'm almost embarrased to post it.  It was not "quick and easy" for me.  I had problems with making the tassel, for pete's sake! And then I had to keep redoing parts of the stitching, because I missed the edge of both fabrics (ie sewing only one fabric, so when I turned it right side out there was a hole).  Originally I wanted the yellow fabric on the outside, but I messed up sewing it together, and when I used the stitch ripper to remove the thread, huge holes remained in the fabric.  At this point I really considered just tossing it.  But I didn't.  Why?  Because I hate wasting material and interfacing, and I hate to put all that work into something for naught. Don't get me wrong, it still might get tossed, but at least I followed it through to the end.  And now I can chalk it up to a learning experience.  I'm sure I learned something, though I'm not really sure what.

What is my point?  The point is, I suck at sewing.  But I still try.  I have a friend who won't even attempt to sew because she's "afraid her finger will get pierced by the sewing machine needle." I kinda really doubt that will happen, but it's really sad to not even see her try because of her fears.  Look at me. I suck at sewing. I've broken needles. I've wasted countless time and energy and fabric and supplies.  But at least I try.  I give myself kudos for that. 


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