Saturday, November 2, 2013

Easy Pocket Pouch

A return to the easy stuff!  And I got to try out some more decorative stitches!  I can see why they recommend that you do a trial run on a scrap piece of fabric.  I first chose a clover stitch and stitched about three clovers, when I decided it was not close enough to the edge.  Out came my stitch ripper.  News to me, but removing decorative stitches is not easy or quick.  At all. So when I discovered I had made the same mistake with the stitch below (on the right), I just left it.

And look! My first snap! A no-sew snap!  No-sew does also NOT mean easy or quick! Not a fan!  Maybe it's because I was trying to push the prongs through three layers (two of fabric and one of interfacing). Ugh. I actually damaged a few of the prongs whacking it in frustration with the hammer, so I'm not even sure how long it's going to hold up now.

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