Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mini curtain

I went to the library and checked out just about all the books they had on sewing (it's a small library). One is Reader's Digest Step-by-Step Sewing Course.  I figured I could work my way through this book and learn a thing or two.  First project- mini curtain!  Actually the first project is a curtain, but I don't really need another curtain, so I made it mini so that I could at least learn the techniques. It went fairly well, though the hems seem quite thick/big to me.  That could just be because I didn't scale them down to match the smaller size of the curtain.  So look at me! I measured, cut, and even pinned! I might turn into a decent seamstress after all!

On a side note, seamstress is a much better word than sewer, don't you think? Sewer just makes me think of septic tanks, not needles and thread.

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