Friday, November 1, 2013

Trying out my new sewing machine!!

I noticed during my last post that my sewing machine was very tight.  It was getting very hard to turn the hand crank. So I asked the other half to take a look at it. I left the room while he took it apart.  I heard a lot of banging and a request for a hammer. He asked if the machine had ever been dropped.  He dusted off all the lint and got out the oil.  In the end, yes, he fixed the tight hand crank with a touch of oil. That was all it took!  He put it back together and I was good to go!  For about five minutes. Then the needle hit something hard.  I reverse cranked it just a touch and it was good to go again.  For a few more minutes.  I jiggled it again and off we went.  And then I bent the needle.  I have never bent a needle. Oh, I've broken plenty, but never bent one.  While all this was happening, I'll also noticed that the knobs to adjust the length and width were no longer working,nor was the upper tension knob. So....... 

Here is the result.  I was all prepared to get a Brother Walmart cheapie, but they were out of stock, and this was the next best deal.  I do have my concerns about the innards being plastic instead of metal, not to mention made in China! It's appalling that I would buy something made in China, but I really did not want to spend a lot for a machine.  I've heard that the classic vintage machines are often times preferred..........but okay, I was lured in by the numerous decorative stitches! So bad!  That monogramming is really going to come in handy, lol.....not!  (:

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